COTN Threads.

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The next best thing in Vape cotton has arrived! How much wasted time have you spent cutting, stripping, and threading organic Japanese cotton pads through your coils?

That is all a thing of the past with these brand new COTN Threads. Completely redefining the ecig industry, these little strips of cotton not only save you an immense amount of time by being 'wick and thread ready' but are also comprised of certified organic, Pharmaceutical Grade, USA made Cotton!

These strips or organic vape cotton contain 'shoe-lace' type ends to easily wick the cotton through your coils, just snip the ends and you're ready to go!

Not only save time on threading / wicking your coils, but also see and feel the difference from these cotton threads that will rival any current leading cotton brand out on the market.

These cotton strips are 100% certified organic, meaning that they contain NO bleach and you will see that they have no taste because of it, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite vape liquid!

Pair these guys up with some of your favorite premade vape coils and save an immense amount of time and hassle, while not sacrificing quality, when it comes time to swap out your old gunked up coils with some fresh ones!



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